And who are you?

MIZAHNI DESIGNS is an African American Female owned business. I wear all hats, from creator to accountant to shipping & handling to costumer service, it is all me!


which is why  STRENGTH & HARMONY are qualities I strive to have in my life. My parents recognized early on that for a young black woman growing up within the current climate of society, Strength and harmony would be necessary traits for their children.

I began having health challenges at an early age, challenges that would require, and continue to require, a great amount of time and attention. I found my passion early on studying dance. I felt a sense of freedom and beauty when I could express myself through dance, freedom I didn't feel as a patient.

However, like any life there are downs and ups and unexpected twists and turns. My life is no different. A few years ago I found myself unable to dance and Express myself the way I was used to, I needed a new outlet. An outlet that made being a wife, mommy of 3, patient and, at times, a black woman full of attitude still possible.


I've always been a lover of clothes, shoes and jewelry. So to make life a little easier on my husband, and our wallet, I decided to learn how to make my own jewelry. That opened a door to a new path full of opportunities. I found I was able to express myself in a new way and this expression is what I am hoping to share with you. I know that life can bring the unexpected and at times the unwanted, but sometimes having beauty in our lives can remind us of the blessings we have everyday.

Trust me, as a woman who is not shy of the curves adorning my body, having unique pieces that fit me brings a certain joy, acceptance and honoring of being the strongest me I can be so that I can stand tall.

thank you for coming to MIZAHNI DESIGNS